Monday, June 22, 2009

A TRAILER for Ghost Ride!!!

I’m so beyond exited! I have a book trailer for Ghost Ridecheck it out!!!!

And the most amazing thing about this—it was put together completely and independently by a group of tech-savvy grade 8 students!!!

Earlier this year I did a presentation at a school with an incredible teacher-librarian and enthusiastic audience. I mentioned the idea of a book trailer and one girl said she’d happily take on the project. I gave her a copy of the manuscript—something I wouldn’t normally do!. She read it and became the driving force behind the trailer, designing the scenes and extracting the narration text from the manuscript and blurbs. She was able to get a few friends to act out the scenes while another student filmed it and put the whole thing together (I’m sure he spent many hours—and all this during his last few weeks of grade 8!)

I can’t thank these guys enough for all their hard work and dedication. What fun to see your novel spring to life like this!!! Ghost Ride is coming out with Dundurn Press this fall--should be in stores by November. I will definitely be inviting this group of students to my launch for a special thank you!!!

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