Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeremy's Launch!

Stopped by Jeremy Tankard's launch of Boo Hoo Bird this evening at a cute restaurant on the Danforth.

Little Miss K had to show off her very own boo boo to Jeremy who appears extremely concerned. Jeremy had prepared an amazing colouring table on which he'd sketched a variety of his characters for kids to colour--this amused Master J for quite some time while I lined up to purchase a few books and then lined up again to get them autographed. What a great event and what a huge turn-out! Congratulations Jeremy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Five quarters to skip class...

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of presenting to four groups of junior/intermediate students at Castlemore P.S.

The TL there was so incredibly supportive and each of the four groups of students was beyond enthusiastic, energetic and completely attentive.

At the end of each of the presentations, I was thanked by a student. The junior students both put a huge smile on my face and the intermediate speeches were so funny, so touching, and so sincere that I asked to keep their notes and just can’t resist posting them even though they're tough to read:

I just love the line: “I walked in thinking I "payed" five quarters to skip class…”

During recess, I was treated to a plate of goodies and had expected to sign a few books for eager readers—well, 95 books later, I was completely bought out and I’m going to return this week with another 50 books! I still can’t believe it! Thank you, Castlemore P.S., for the warm welcome and wonderful treatment—I think every children’s author out there should have the opportunity to visit your school!