Friday, March 25, 2011

A ghost train in a phantom station...

Today was such an awesome day—certainly one I will never forget!!! With the help of a lot of amazing and generous people, I was able to launch my new novel, Mind Gap, in a slightly unusual way…

It all began in December at my good friend, Helene Boudreau’s, launch of her novel Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings. When asked by other author friends, Deborah Kerbel and Nelsa Roberto, if I’d planned on launching Mind Gap, I said I hadn’t. When I told them a bit about the story—a very freaky ride on a ghost train—Nelsa said, “You know the TTC has a real Phantom Station below Bay Street, don’t you?” Well, no. I hadn’t known that at all. In fact, I set my novel at St. George Station! Well, I thought the phantom station would be such a cool location for a launch, I decided to give the TTC a call. The events coordinator was so super supportive from the get-go—but there were a few issues, the main one being that the TTC requires extensive insurance paperwork in order for someone to rent out the space. I, of course, wasn’t able to provide that paperwork, so I turned to the Toronto District School Board. I google-mapped the area and discovered a local school with an enthusiastic teacher-librarian. I couldn’t believe it when she was able to get the necessary paperwork done!

Now, a ghost train in a phantom station might be cool, but that's not all…

My train needed some party-goers—not just any party-goers, but some zombie-corpse-like ones! Where do you get zombies, you ask? Well, you turn to the children's/teen writing community where lo and behold, you find the BEST people ever—authors willing to don zombie make-up and grunt at students on a dark train…

Pictured here are:

Helene Boudreau (Red Dune Adventures, Acadian Star, and Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings)

Deborah Kerbel (Mackenzie Lost and Found, Girl on the Other Side, Lure)

James Bow (The Unwritten Girl, Fathom Five, The Young City)

Natale Ghent (The Odds Get Even, Gravity Brings Me Down)

Lisa Dalrymple—a pre-published author with a lot of cool things in the works…

And as if dressing up as a zombie weren’t enough—they all donated copies of their books for my draw and bought my book! Even Erin Bow--James' lovely wife donated a copy of her most awesome novel, Plain Kate!!! How awesome is that??!!!

Honestly—I can’t thank everyone enough—from the great folks at Dundurn Press who publish my work, to the TTC, to the students, teachers and librarian at Jesse Ketchum P.S., to my wonderful and supportive zombie friends! You all gave me one ghostly great day to remember!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Trailer for MIND GAP!!!

I never cease to be amazed by the enthusiasm and generosity of people--especially teachers, librarians and students. Here, again, is a shining example! Being the total tech-challenged person I am (seriously, I barely manage to post here!) and desperately wanting a trailer for my new novel Mind Gap--I put it out to a group of students at Parkland P. S. The awesome group--along with stellar teacher, Sue Stapley, set up a photo shoot, took film footage and put together this very cool trailer! Check it out HERE!