Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Sadly Neglected Blog, Non-fiction Take-over and Cloning Experiments...

I’ve just completed a whirlwind of non-fiction books!!!! 4 in the past 2 months! And they are already up on Amazon alongside my new Y/A Ghost Ride!

I still can’t believe I wrote 2 graphic novels (which has provided me with a deepened respect for the genre!) and 2 science books in 2 months! I mean from science fiction to science—genetic engineering no less—was a ginormous leap for me. I had a blast though. It forced me to do a ton of research (which has been the biggest barrier between me and historical fiction!) and I came across some amazingly interesting stuff! For example, when I learned that there are about 100,000 bacteria crawling around on every square centimetre of my skin, it sure made me a lot less of a germaphobe!

Here are the covers! I’m obviously biased, but I think they look AWESOME!!!

Okay. So I decided if I was going to include experiments in each of these books, they had better work. Here are some photos of my incredible edible cell:

And if you think the concept of cloning is freaky and frightening, try cloning a cabbage to ease your concerns…

Of course my cabbage clones are still growing--stay tuned for regular updates!

Now that the non-fiction take-over has passed (for the moment anyway...) I hoping to nurse my undernourished blog (and other facets of my life!) back to good health!

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