Saturday, January 31, 2009

OLA magic and my banned-books bracelet!

The magic of OLA Superconference never fades! This was my fourth year attending and I felt as exhilirated as ever meandering up and down the aisles of publishers displaying their new lines. I joined many a signing cue and walked away with a number of treasured autographed books. But I have to say the highlight for me was buying my I Read Banned Books bracelet--I bought three!

I adore To Kill a Mockingbird! Can't even imagine it ever having been banned!!! Is this not the GREATEST bracelet ever???

Other highlights included hanging with Helene Boudreau (who signed Acadian Star), Marsha Skrypuch (who signed Daughter of War), Natalie Hyde (who held her non-fics in her hands for the first time).

Hi Mahtab and Marsha!

Yay Helene!

Go Nat, go Nat, go Nat!!!

And what better way to wrap up a great day than with a great evening with good food, good friends and great conversation! Only 364 days until the next OLA Superconference!

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carolynforsman said...

hello Carolyn Forsman, designer of your 3 Banned books bracelets here. They are also sold in select canadian book shops. ask your local store. also a banned books necklace and a young adult titled bracelet.