Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I wish I could write like this...

I’m drinking in a novel as deliciously decadent and satisfying as a warm cup of cocoa.

Awake and Dreaming, by Kit Pearson, was a spontaneous purchase at the last Packaging Your Imagination workshop series. It sat in my enormous pile of books desperate to be read until a few days ago, when I picked it up, read the prologue and was whisked into a world so vivid and real, so rich in language and image—a novel so brilliantly crafted that I couldn’t put it down (sorry kids, Mommy wasn’t ignoring you, she was temporarily sucked into another world!) Awake and Dreaming is a definite must-read, not only for its intended audience of eager young readers, but also for any aspiring fiction writer. A word of caution to the latter though—this novel was so darned good it made me want to throw down and retire my pen forever!

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