Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The greatest gift...

Last week I went to our monthly CANSCAIP meeting and was surprised when Eric Walters handed me a package--a gift for my recent involvement in his amazing organization Creation of Hope. The gift--that he said is "just a small thank you" brought tears to my eyes. It was a lovely frame with photos of the children that Creation of Hope has helped. That, in and of itself ,would have been enough to warm my heart, but here's the thing--two of the children in the photos are holding MY NOVEL!!! Focused on the smiling faces, I didn't even realize it at first and then I saw what was in their hands--Ghost Ride! Eric had brought my book all the way to Africa in a recent journey! It was such an incredibly thoughtful and generous gesture, it left me speechless. It's the furthest my novel has gone--I can only hope the children enjoy it!

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