Sunday, January 17, 2010

Triple Launch!

What a day! After two months of planning our tripple launch finally arrived! It was a great success!
So many friends, family and fellow authors showed up--I was touched by everyone's support! And I think it's true--a crowd attracts a crowd as many Indigo shoppers were drawn in by the noise and smell of cake! Funny, I had a dream the night before that Deborah Kerbel, Mahtab Narsimhan and I were sitting at a table in the middle of a huge field surrounded by nothing by crickets--good thing I'm not psychic. I actually sold out! SOLD OUT!
The cakes were unbelievable!


Miss Dormer said...

It was lovely meeting you yesterday! Thank you for signing my book =)

I'm glad you three seemed to really enjoy yourself because your supporters sure did!

All the best,

Martha said...

LOVE those cakes...and you guys look beautiful. What lovelies, selling their books! Glad it was such a success. Good for you, selling out your entire collection of books there! WHOO HOO!

bevrosenbaum said...

Yes, those cakes were something! I'm already looking forward to your next launch--how can you beat that?! P.S. Finished Ghost Ride--fantastic!--and passed it on to my son, who's very intrigued by the back cover blurb!