Friday, February 20, 2009

A Great Week!

It never rains it pours--good things as well as bad--and this week I got a few happy buckets dumped on me! For one, I just received word that Ghost Ride, the first of my Y/A thrillers, will be published by Dundurn! I have nothing but respect for Dundurn--they have excellent books by excellent authors (see: Marsha Skrypuch, Mahtab Narsimhan, Valerie Sherrard, Deborah Kerbel, James Bow, to name a few!) And they have excellent covers! (Can't wait to see what mine will look like!)

Now, as if that isn't enough to keep me grinning for the next, oh, say, year, I also found out this week that I'm the recipient of ETFO's Curriculum Development Award --Women's Program for my teacher's guide for Shadow of the Moon! This thrills me to no end because my personal joke is that I spent more time writing the teacher's guide than I did writing the novel! I've received great feedback from teachers that have used both my guides, but man, to have ETFO acknowledge my work is HUGE!!!

I'm going out to buy a lotery ticket!

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Dundurn Press said...

We're so excited to work with you too! What do you think of the cover, now that it's done? It's on our online catalogue

That would make a great blog post!

Ashleigh @ Dundurn